5 Signs You Need to Change Marketing Tactics

  • Sponsors and advertisers never return your calls, even by mistake

  • Pocket Fisherman® may be the largest exhibitor at your next show

  • Your alpha audience gets smaller by the hour

  • Your inbox rates are thinning faster than your hair

  • Every chance he gets, your nephew tells you to invest your entire marketing budget in Facebook—and you're starting to believe him

  • It's time to change.

    Bob and David James specialize in helping niche publishers, event producers and associations reach and engage their customers:

  • Sell more—and bigger—advertising bundles

  • Attract new, deep-pocket advertisers, sponsors and exhibitors

  • Capture Millennials' attention and lure new niche audiences

  • Break through the noise and boost response rates

  • Get a better ROI from marketing.

    We've seen your situation from every side... association, publisher, organizer, agency, advertiser, sponsor, exhibitor, and supplier.

    With experience like that, we can help you to pinpoint issues, apply solutions, and get the results you want to achieve.

    What are you waiting for? Call us at 202 810.9568.

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