Nonprofit E-Mail Marketers: Are You Partying or Panicking?

You should do a bit of both. According to M+R's Benchmarks 2017 :

  • Total online giving grew by 14% since 2015, with email generating 26 cents of every dollar.

  • Email lists grew by 10%; email volume, by 10% as well. The average subscriber received 69 email messages in 2016.

  • Email metrics flagged, however. Open rates dropped by 7%, to just under 15%.

  • Response rates dropped by 8%, to just .05%. A nonprofit had to land 2,000 fundraising emails in inboxes in order to generate a single donation.

  • "The truth is that technology, tastes, and audiences change, and change is not uniform," the report concludes.

    "For many nonprofits, online programs are relatively mature. They’re essential, and still growing, but perhaps aren’t seeing the dramatic advances they once did. These nonprofits might increasingly turn to new platforms and nuanced strategies—like digital advertising and website optimization—to make the most of their online programs.

    “You can’t keep playing the same old tunes if you want to stay at the top of the charts."

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