Trade Shows: Where Good Leads Go to Die

Event automation provider Certain asked 150 B2B marketers (all with large companies) how long they take to follow up leads after in-person events.

The answer will shock you. Or maybe not.

Three in four (74%) take four days or more.

Almost none (2%) follows up the same day they capture the lead.

Marketers don't follow up faster, because it takes them time to prepare the approach, and because they lack the tools they need to accelerate follow-up.

Who follows up varies. Nearly half (47%) rely on marketers to follow up; 29% rely on sales reps; 22% rely on event planners.

How they follow up also varies: 52% use email; 23%, phone; 28%, social; and 7%, direct mail.

Exhibitors, please you can do better than that!

Here's how.

Thanks to Gary Slack for bringing the research to our attention.

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