Influencers Can Boost Your Event's Attendance

Influencers now occupy a central role in the event marketer's mix, writes Elizabeth Johnson in TSNN.

Johnson asks three event-industry veterans to describe how influencers function to attract attendees.

Ed Several, senior vice president, Reed Exhibitions, says influencers often function like teachers who help attendees "understand how best to participate in an event.”

Renee Lewis, president, Infinity Management Group, says influencers function like restaurant and movie reviewers and represent "the most powerful way to convince new attendees to attend.”

Bob James, president and chief storyteller, Bob & David James, says influencers "amplify" your marketing messages—provided you help them do so.

Don't leave influencers to their own devices. Befriend them before your event, welcome them on site, and treat them like valued members of the trade media.

“Be ready with soundbites, avoid jargon, and help them shape the narrative," James says.

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