Marketing Your Event: How to Tell a Better Story

Marketing events demands great storytelling. But too often story takes a back seat. Key ideas get sidetracked and important details omitted. Bob & David James can help guarantee you get the right story out there. You can count on us to recommend and execute the strategies and tactics that will assure your attendance goals are met:

- We have the know-how you need. We have more than 100 years’ collective experience promoting B2B events: conferences, conventions, trade shows, user meetings, sales events and more.

- We’re multichannel marketers. We have no hidden agenda, like some other agencies, and will not “push” tactics that won’t pay off. In fact, we’re “channel agnostics:” we don’t push particular channels for the reason that they happen to be profitable to us. We only recommend tactics that are proven to generate attendance—and only ones we believe, to the very best of our knowledge, will work for you.

- We’re hands on. You will work with our firm’s principals—directly—throughout the campaign. We won’t waste your valuable time (or money) assigning you some novice AE who doesn’t know how B2B events—much less multichannel direct-response marketing—work.

- We’re affordable and full service. Every tactic we recommend we deliver ourselves, at a price that’s competitive. We can stay competitive because we’re not about building a nationwide empire, paying off investors, or incurring overhead for glitzy local offices and ad campaigns. We’re pleased to be of service to a few deserving clients who value our expertise, creativity, and love of candor.

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