Tired of a New Account Exec Every Month?

Are you tired of a new account exec every month?

Adman MichaelAaron Flicker, writing for CMO.com, attributes your frustration to Millennials' job-hopping.

Millennials' resumes "are the proof of a trend that’s been happening for quite a while," he says. "Job-hopping among Millennials in order to quickly escalate promotions, pay raises, and opportunity to work on a variety of big-name accounts has become the norm in our industry."

He blames agencies, not employees. "Those of us who run agencies have created the dynamic that has fostered this mentality."

Today, it's normal for "a 20-something (who has already held four agency jobs) to be managing a team of younger people," Flicker says. "This does nothing to instill brands with a feeling that their ad agency partner is a trusted adviser. And if agencies don’t add value, they’re just an extension of a brand’s workforce."

Bob & David James wants to be more than an extension of your staff, and has found a way to sidestep the issue.

We hire—and pay—well.

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