5 Bodacious Tips for B2B Direct Mail

As a part of your multi-channel marketing effort, business-to-business direct mail can build brand recognition and pinpoint purchase-ready leads within a target audience. But getting a contact's attention is never easy. Here are five B2B direct mail tips to make your next campaign more attention-getting.

1 – First, Find the Ideal Audience

Before designing the campaign or coming up with the offer, you need to choose your best opportunity for generating leads. This group of companies or executives must have qualities in common that you can exploit, so you can create a direct mail piece and deliver an offer they cannot ignore. These so-called “firmographics,” at a minimum, include industry, company size (gross annual income or number of employees) and location.

Also, consider where each contact on a list resides within the “sales funnel.” Everything from the type of physical mail you send to the call to action may differ based on where a contact resides within your funnel. A brand-new contact who has never heard of your company should get a very different mail piece than one with whom you have an established business relationship.

2 – Send Only Relevant Messages

Once you establish who your target audience is, create a message that speaks directly to their needs and interests. For B2B direct mail, the offer must clearly convey the benefits in an instant. Tons of stuff crosses ours desks every day. In order to be noticed and remembered, your piece must deliver what readers need an obvious manner.

Besides offering only meaningful content, the mailer itself must be relevant in terms of how business mail is handled inside a company. Postal mail should look dignified, open easily, and be addressed clearly to the right person.

3 – Know What to Spend to Get the Best Return

Although business people prefer email for communicating, postal mail remains not only a viable option, but one with a substantial ROI. Some marketers shy away from it, due to its initial cost. But, instead of focusing on the price of printed paper and postage, put the focus where it truly belongs: the cost per acquisition of a high-quality lead.

And before going all out with a huge postal campaign, consider a test to see whether and how a campaign aligns with your lead-generation goals. Finding out if you can afford postal mail can be done in such a way as to minimize your risk. You might learn you need to send letters or brochures, but you might find just as well that the most cost-effective format is a simple postcard. Who knows? You won’t find out, unless you test.

4 – Exploit Size and Dimensions

While postcards may be less expensive per unit, larger or bulkier mailings may deliver a greater ROI. Remember, the number one goal of any mailer is getting attention. Sometimes, a flat mailer will not do this effectively.

Your target industry or niche may dictate the size and shape of the mailing piece you use. But that’s unlikely. So, consider testing oversized mailers and envelopes with a three-dimensional object inside. They get much more attention than standard, flat mailers. Arousing curiosity helps get your foot in the door.

5 – Explore All Facets of Multi-Channel Marketing

B2B direct mail's high return on investment and flexibility makes it a smart choice. However, one postcard or envelope cannot carry an entire campaign or get the results you need to succeed. Instead, direct mail should be just one part of a multi-channel marketing effort that uses all necessary methods to attract and keep prospects’ attention.

When you use more than one channel for B2B relationship-building, don’t use the same message repeatedly. A quick email campaign can introduce your organization and alert recipients to future contact by postal mail. The follow-up postal piece can reveal your offer and cement your corporate identity in readers’ minds. The piece should also include a call to action that focuses on driving readers to a landing page with more compelling details about your offer. In turn, the landing page can encourage readers to dial you, for additional assistance, clarification, or to set up a meeting with you. This kind of multi-channel marketing leverage the power of B2B direct mail, but doesn’t make it the be-all and end-all. When multiple channels are in play, your contacts will find it impossible to ignore your message.

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