How Millennials are Redefining Sales

As they overtake the workplace in the next three years, Millennials are redefining sales, according to Forbes.

Data-crazy, Millennials will soon make research and big-data analysis the centerpieces of B2B purchasing. Salespeople who aren't data-savvy will need to adapt—soon—or lose deals to their competitors.

Strong minded, Millennials will demand all suppliers act in socially responsible ways and be "more willing to pursue new ideas than to follow traditional models." Companies that aren't socially conscious and willing to customize their offerings will need to become so, to conform to Millennials' worldview.

Email-addicted, Millennials will communicate with suppliers solely by sending long and seemingly random chains of requests. Salespeople more comfortable gabbing and schmoozing will need to master this medium to stay effective.

In anticipation, companies are already:

  • Rewarding salespeople who use analytics to target the most relevant prospects;

  • Encouraging salespeople to be more fluid in their approach to prospects' situations and challenges; and

  • Forcing salespeople to use new tools that streamline communications with prospects.

  • "It's time for businesses to adopt new platforms that give more detailed data about their sales prospects, step up recruiting, and start welcoming new perspectives in data analysis, communication, and adaptability," Forbes says.

    "Not only will this enable businesses to attract better staff members to  their sales teams, they'll become forward-thinking sales leaders within their industries—and they'll close more deals because of it."

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