Do Your Emails Scream "Unsubscribe?"

Are you begging prospects to unsubscribe?

Maybe you're guilty of one or more of these seven wrongs (nobody's perfect, after all). Any one will cause prospects to unsubscribe:

Wrong writer

Does your email read like spam? Your cliché-loving, click-baiting copywriter is the culprit. Replace her with a practiced B2B direct marketer.

Wrong design

Half of B2B emails are opened on the run. Do yours look funky on phones? Do you design emails as if prospects will open them on their desktops and laptops? Don't.

Wrong graphic

Poster-like emails are the pits. Prospects can't read them (even with "allow images" turned on) and phones choke when downloading them. Avoid posterish images; ugly, outdated ones, too.

Wrong message

Are you peddling all the time? Try educating and entertaining more often. Like 80% of the time.

Wrong product

Are you romancing someone who's just not that into you (or who once was, but is no longer)? Try personalizing your messages (not just inserting "Dear Andy," but pairing prospect with product).

Wrong cadence

Are you sending too many emails? Overkill is Reason Number 2 prospects unsubscribe, says CIO Magazine. You can double your leads by sending no more often than once every two weeks.

Wrong prospect

Reason Number 1 prospects unsubscribe? They never subscribed in the first place (or forget they did). Communicate your opt-in and name-use policies clearly. And shun "web scrapers" offering rented names. We can help with that. Contact us at

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