Retargeting: The Best Thing to Happen to Events Since the Postage Stamp

When it comes to attendance acquisition, direct mail remains the world heavyweight champ, because response rates exceed every other attendance marketing channel by a long shot.

But there's a new contender on the scene: retargeting.

With response (click-through) rates reaching as high as 24%, according to Brandon Williams, Senior Product Specialist at Feathr, retargeting is fast emerging as the event promoter's best new friend.

What is retargeting, anyway?

Well, it's a web thing. And even if you've never heard the word before, you've seen retargeting at work.

Think about shopping on line for shoes.

You check out your favorite website and find the perfect pair of shoes for the summer.

But you think about your credit card balance and put off buying the shoes until your next paycheck comes in.

You exit the website, shoeless (for a week, anyway).

Then, for a day or so, wherever you go on the web, an ad for that same pair of shoes seems to pop up.

You feel like that new pair of shoes is stalking you.

That's retargeting in in action!

The tactic (also called "remarketing") has been shown to lift response rates for B2C marketers by as much as 700%, and conversion rates by as much as 70%, according to Wishpond.

B2B marketers (including event promoters) can, and do, see the same results.

“People who are trying to grow their events should use every tool at their disposable," Aidan Augustin, Feathr's president and cofounder recently told BizBash.

That would include retargeting. Think of it as a series of smart and inexpensive follow-up ads that chase after interested buyers, and you have the basic picture.

"Usually people don’t end up on an event website by accident," Aidan said. "They were probably led there by a search, or they were led there by a social post, or they typed it in directly. So if people are visiting an event website, they are signaling interest. Retargeting is just a way of converting those people who already expressed interest into registering.”

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We promise not to stalk you.

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