You Wouldn't Waste Food. Why Waste Content?

You wouldn't throw away leftover food after your association's convention, when there are hungry mouths to feed.

Why are you throwing away your content?

Most associations take year-long pains to program great content at their meetings, and capture it on video.

But, once the meeting ends, most of that video never sees the light of day.

What a waste! There are hungry minds to feed.

And a golden opportunity to monetize your leftover convention content while you satisfy those appetites.

Provided you've captured the content on video (your keynotes, plenaries, breakouts and workshops, in whole or in part), you can deliver that education "live" to a vast global audience―without investing a penny.

Bob and David James, under an exclusive arrangement with Digitell, can help you capitalize―tomorrow―on yesterday's convention content with Procast.

Procast lets associations monetize convention content—without an upfront investment.

Using the video footage you provide, we will produce and host a vibrant, world-class, fully branded online convention―one that sponsors and attendees are willing to pay good money for. How do we know? Experience generating revenue for hundreds of associations like yours.

You'll be amazed at the additional non-dues revenue―and brand equity―you can generate with Procast, without demands on your staff or your treasury.

Call us today, to learn how: 202.641.5131.

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