New Survey Shows Exhibitors Believe Pre-Show Marketing to Grow in Importance

EXHIBITOR Magazine recently asked over 100 corporate exhibit managers whether they think pre-show marketing will grow or decline in importance.

63% of exhibit managers said pre-show marketing's importance will grow in importance; and nearly one in five said it will "grow significantly."

The reason? Exhibiting budgets are under the microscope, as the many advantages of proprietary events continue to outstrip those of traditional tradeshows..

The other key findings of the magazine's survey reveal:

85% of exhibiting companies do at least some form of pre-show marketing. The campaigns include many channels: web ads, print ads, postcards, emails, microsites, outbound phone calls, and social media posts; some companies use novel tactics such as "lumpy mailings," as well.

Of the companies that do preshow marketing, 89% spend up to 10% of their exhibiting budget on the effort. In addition, 71% are spending more than they did three years ago; and 91% expect to spend as much or more on pre-show marketing next year. Currently, one in 10 exhibiting companies invests over 10% of its exhibiting budget on pre-show marketing.

32% of companies set measurable goals for pre-show marketing and 82% say they have increased booth traffic as a result of their efforts. Other pre-show marketing goals that exhibiting companies set include: increased awareness, increased leads, increased sales, increased ROI, improved in-booth engagement, improved customer relationships, and increased media coverage. And when setting goals, 49% of companies target specific audience segments.

"Every exhibitor knows that the battle for attendees' attention begins long before the show floor opens," EXHIBITOR says.

So why doesn't every exhibitor promote itself in advance of the show? We believe there are two reasons: lack of time and corporate "silos."

Corporate exhibit managers often have their "hair on fire." Who, frankly, has enough time to plan and execute a time-sensitive, multichannel marketing campaign, on top of everything else that needs doing?

Corporate exhibitors are often marginalized. Due to lack of frequent contact with sales managers, exhibit managers aren't often sure what's the right message to send prospects and customers weeks before a show.

For today's under-the-microscope exhibit manager, we think PLAYBOOK is the answer.

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