New Survey: Email, Direct Mail Members' Faves

Email is association members' favorite marketing channel, according to a new study by Edge Research.

The firm asked over 1,000 members to rank marketing channels by preference.

One in two (56%) chose email. The member's age is not a factor (41% of Millennials, 49% of GenXers, and 48% of Boomers chose email over other channels).

One in three (32%) chose direct mail.

Only one in four (26%) chose social media.

The study also found:

  • Email also is the leading choice of "super members," "rank-and-file members, and "value seekers."

  • Millennials and GenXers want more frequent communication than Boomers.

  • "Loyal members" want detailed updates more than twice a month.

  • Two additional findings of the study should freak out any association marketer worth her salt:

  • One in two members feel absolutely no connection to their association.

  • One in two also feel that associations' content is imersonal.

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