When the Culture Wars Come Home

What will you do when the culture wars land on your doorstep?

Are you ready?

Are you ready to be dragged into issues like immigration, diversity, and climate change, because customers begin criticizing you on line?

Are you ready to handle public charges of sexual harassment at your workplace?

Organizations report they find themselves spending an ever-increasing amount of time on high-level issues unrelated to their markets. That wastes a lot of expensive resources.

And the bigger challenge? Most organizations are run by straight, white men, unaccustomed to navigating a fast-changing, multicultural America. They're used to a long-gone time.

But any organization that cares about younger demographics must ask: Would I buy from a tone-deaf, clueless or vile organization?

Social media only exacerbates and accelarates the problem: it lets anyone with a cell phone sully an organization in a few hours.

Axios CEO Jim VandeHei suggests a new way to think of your situation.

"Think of your brand as a political candidate," he says.

"You need to be hyper-aware of how you're seen by your core constituencies (employees and customers) and by the broader public. Be vigilant for signs of erosion in your base; or failing to respond forcefully to negative attacks; or under-utilizing technology to connect with your people in authentic, compelling ways."

If becoming embroiled in the culture wars gives you goosebumps, give us a call.

We can suggest reasonable ways to plan.

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