Your Best Membership Promotion? Your Magazine!

As every B2B publisher knows, your print magazine is your brand.

As Nancy O’Brien recently wrote in Niched Out, print magazines “come to life in the hands of our readers, pages turning, articles read, ads seen. They end up on desks, in lobbies and on coffee tables for all eyes to see. Our print publications were our first relationship with our audience and what developed their loyalty with our brand.”

The same can be said of many an association magazine: it’s the bedrock of your relationship with members—and your very best member-recruitment tool.

In fact, your magazine could be the key to your association’s future growth.

In his new book Killing Marketing, Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute, calls the organization’s magazine “critical to CMI’s overall strategy.”

Without it, Pulizzi’s audience might not see content marketing worth their time—or buy anything from CMI.

“According to Content Marketing Institute internal company data,” Pulizzi writes, “our magic number of subscriptions is three. That means our most profitable customers, the ones that buy the most directly from us, are generally subscribed to at least three CMI programs.

“Readers might subscribe first to our email newsletter after reading our blog content. Then, they might sign up for one of our webinar series. Then, they may subscribe to our magazine, Chief Content Officer, and then, possibly, our This Old Marketing podcast.”

How are your leveraging your magazine?

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